Why I love Denmark — Part 1

Beautiful Denmark

A beautiful country in northern Europe with the happiest people on Earth, no doubt, it is Denmark. Denmark is a land between the Baltic and North sea. The borders of Denmark are directly connected with Germany in the south and other sides are connected with Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom through waters. Overall, this country is made of several beautiful islands.

Denmark map (Source)

If we search for the most visited tourist places in Europe, there is not a single mention belonging to Denmark. Besides, marely any blog or website suggests any place for tourists to visit in Denmark. Most of these blogs refer to countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, and Turkey. But there is something that these people are missing about. Yes, it is Denmark!

I love Denmark because of several reasons, but in this post, I would like to share my experience in terms of the natural beauty of this small, green, and clean country. Here I have mentioned the points highlighting the beauty of this wonderful country.

Pleasant weather:

Denmark is a small and flat country, surrounded by oceans, therefore, a similar climate between the areas, however, the western Jutland area is milder, rainier, and windier than the rest of the country. The overall climate of Denmark is cold in winter and mild in summer. But, it is not much cold as one might think.

The days in Denmark are longer in summer and very short in the winter months. The cities in the Jutland area, such as Aarhus and Alborg are very much windy but have good and friendly relations with Sun. Hence, the overall weather in this region is pleasant. However, sometimes, unpredictable rain can cancel your plans. ;) Denmark experiences rain for almost half of the year, but it is weak showers (with no thunderstorms) in most of the cases.

Denmark is not as cold as other nordic countries and the snow-fall is experienced in very few days of winter.

Overall, the weather in Denmark is pleasant with windy breezes throughout the days.

Greener planes:

The lands in Denmark are flat. Around 90% part of the country is urbanized. People have a clear vision to keep the lands covered with green vegetation. Industrial developments in Denmark seems well aligned with forestry. Industrialization is progressing without harming nature. The Danish cities (for example, Aarhus) are a good example of the co-existence of beautiful nature with industrial advancements.

Industry-Forestry Co-existence

The danish country-yards are full of agricultural farms, teak woof farms, and huge green meadows. These sceneries on roads and railways connecting danish cities are like green heavens on the earth. One may like to travel on these roads for no reason.

Attractive beaches:

All major cities in Denmark are surrounded by seas/oceans. The coastline of Denmark is an impressive 7,300 kilometers, making the country ideal for harbors, fishing, as well as beaches for the tourism industry.

The beaches in Denmark are clean, least crowded, surrounded by beautiful nature, and accompanied by a variety of birds.

Fabulous architecture

Danish cities are colorful and full of attractive houses. The traditional buildings are following very much similar to the state-of-the-art European architecture as shown below:

However, novel, complex, delicate (in look) and beautiful buildings have been built in recent years, which makes the cities modern and with new landmarks.

Navitas, Aarhus

There are several attractive things to visit in Denmark. I will keep updating them in this post as time goes. STAY TUNED.

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