How to publish R packages in good journals

R packages for researchers

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  1. While following the publishing procedure, the package gets reviewed by several reviewers and editors, which ensure the usefulness and reliability of the package.
  2. The published version of the package increases the confidence of its users while using it.
  3. Out of hundreds of available packages, the published ones are experiencing more downloads and citations.
  4. The packages published in journals attract traditional researchers (who are not expert in Coding and developing the package), which eventually increase the users/viewers of the packages.
  1. The R Journal
  2. Journal of Statistical Software
  3. The Journal of Open Source Software
  4. SoftwareX
  5. Nature Toolbox
  6. The Stata Journal
  7. PeerJ Computer Science
  8. Journal of Machine Learning Research
  9. Computing and Software for Big Science
  10. Environmental Modelling & Software
  11. Bioinformatics
  12. Computational Statistics
  13. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software
  14. Information and Software Technology
  15. Neurocomputing (Software track)
  16. Journal of Systems and Software
  17. Many more…
  1. International Journal of Forecasting
  2. IEEE Access
  3. Energies
  4. Methods in Ecology and Evolution
  5. PLoS ONE
  6. And, many more…



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