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Chapter 1, Verse 1:

Beautiful Denmark

A beautiful country in northern Europe with the happiest people on Earth, no doubt, it is Denmark. Denmark is a land between the Baltic and North sea. The borders of Denmark are directly connected with Germany in the south and other sides are connected with Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom through waters. Overall, this country is made of several beautiful islands.

Denmark map (Source)

If we search for the most visited tourist places in Europe, there is not a single mention belonging to Denmark. Besides, marely any blog or website suggests any place for tourists to visit in Denmark. Most…

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In earlier posts, we have seen the advantages of using R for data analysis and research purposes (here). The R language is a lucrative tool for researchers, data scientists especially in new methodologies and visualization techniques. I have seen many researchers used to move between R and Python several times, due to several reasons. One of the major reasons is that if their collaborators have been using Python in their team. One may feel that the code integration in the same language can be an easy task and it can be challenging to integrate the scripts from two different languages…

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Time series analysis is one of the vital parts of the Data Science techniques. It plays an important role in many applications in several domains such as energies, banking, finance, healthcare, education, environment, resource management, etc. There are several tools for time series forecasting, prediction, and performance evaluations. Time series analysis majorly characterized as supervised methods, where the time series is segmented into two parts, i.e., training and testing. The training part should be the longer part, say 70 to 90% initial values in the time series on which time series methods are modeled (Find some example here). …

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We are aware of the importance of the research in solving problems, smoothing life, benefiting society. The countries with higher contributions in research are experiencing a higher level of Prosperiosness. For individual researchers, it is very crucial to showcase his/her research findings and contributions. This post is a systematic review of online platforms to showcase the research profiles on the internet. Let’s go through them one by one:

  1. Web of Science

Web of Science (formerly ISI Web of Knowledge) is a premier research platform for information in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. It indexes the journal articles in…

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In earlier posts, we have already discussed how using an R language is beneficial to the researchers in several ways (here). It provides many benefits such as reproducible research, greater visualization, and a huge audience for your research. Also, we have discussed how and where the research contributed in the R can be published in reputed journals, here.

Now, consider, you are ready with some research contribution in the R and now in a position to draft a manuscript for the methodology or the R package.

If it is a methodology implemented in R and you wish to discuss its…

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In earlier posts, we have discussed the procedure to develop an R package and its importance in computational research. The R packages are a great tool to create reproducible research. Thousands of such R packages are been contributed to the CRAN, nowadays. A similar thing is observed in Python and other languages such as Matlab. On my own experience, I can say, it’s really difficult and challenging to make your package/s popular and raise the number of downloads unless you have a great team and follower who can share it with the targeted audience.

Introduction of SciPod and its importance in research

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All of us understand the importance of research in all the fields. In the era of computational competition, it is very crucial to spread knowledge to the targetted audience. Further, the mode of spread is very crucial, if the new audience has to attract. For instance, I am working on a software that eases the prediction analysis with a simple user-friendly user-interface (UI), and a guy with a non-Computer Science background (say, economist, banker, doctor) can be benefited with such software. …

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Missing observations are common in time series data and several methods are available to impute these values prior to analysis. Variation in statistical characteristics of univariate time series can have a profound effect on the characteristics of missing observations and, therefore, the accuracy of different imputation methods.

The imputeTestbench package can be used to compare the prediction accuracy of different methods as related to the amount and type of missing data for a user-supplied dataset. Missing data are simulated by removing observations completely at random or in blocks of different sizes depending on the characteristics of the data. Several imputation…

A step by step guide to building your own R package

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The R packages are the open-source tools, generally used in analyzing or visualizing datasets. Nowadays, R packages are gaining huge popularity because of many reasons. Some of them are documented here.

The R packages are generally combinations of functions that are written in R and targeted for some data analysis functionalities. There are several packages for data wrangling, data visualization, data predictions, datasets, optimizations, test benches, performance evaluation tools, and many more. …

Neeraj Dhanraj

Researcher in Data Sciences

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